Designed for Birth

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Thank you for making me so complex!”  – Psalm 139:13 & 14

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Pregnancy and Childbirth is unique and there is nothing else like it.  We get to create another human life and bring it into this world!   There is nothing more incredible, intimidating, awe-inspiring, messy and raw than this. It requires all of our body, all of mind, all of our spirit and all of our strength.

And you can do it!

As a doula I have attended so many wonderful births in all sorts of ways in 3 different countries, Australia, Tanzania and USA. They have been in the hospital, at home, at birth centers, and women have had natural unmedicated births, induced labors, epidurals and cesarean sections.  Every woman’s journey is different, every person’s circumstances, options and choices are different.

Childbirth is about your journey.

Pregnancy is a time of preparation, of transition and expectation.  A time of growth, learning and becoming parents.

My hope for this class is for you to:

  • Understand how birth is designed and what to expect during labour and birth.
  • Learn practical skills & tools you can use for your labour and birth.
  • Explore your options and gain some decision making tools
  • Discover the depth and strength you have available to your through faith in Jesus and discuss ways to  apply it to help you through this incredible journey.

About 7.5 hour class


Either one whole day or over 3 evenings.

Places are strictly limited to 3 couples per session – register for your spot ASAP