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60 Minute Wellness/Relaxation

Untitled design-6Wellness/Relaxation massage supports your overall health goals. In general, massage naturally reduces anxiety, helps decrease symptoms of depression, and relieves muscle and joint aches and pains. Enjoy a full body relaxation treatment including hot towels with the flexibility to focus on your specific concerns.


90 Minute Wellness/RelaxationUntitled design-7

Enjoy an extra long full body relaxation treatment, including hot towels to melt away
muscle aches and pains.


60 Minute Pregnancy Massage

Growing a new human being is incredible work – Untitled design-4the body and mind both go through so many changes. Using specially designed side-lying positions, pregnancy massage focuses on the unique needs of expecting women. Regularly receiving massage during pregnancy is a fabulous way to de-stress and release excess muscle tension, while assisting your body to prepare for labor. It can also help reduce swelling, regulate mood, and improve cardiovascular health.

Treatment Massage

Occasionally accidents happen and massage is prescribed by a physician. All treatment massage is billed at $30 per 15 minutes. Discount for payment at time of appointment.