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Wellness Massage:              1 hour: $80                                                          90 minutes: $110

Wellness massage supports your overall health goals.  In general, massage naturally reduces anxiety, helps decrease symptoms of depression, and relieves muscle and joint aches and pains. Enjoy a full body relaxation treatment including hot towels with the flexibility to focus on your specific concerns.  


Exfoliating Massage:         1 hour: $80 

Luxurious full body treatment to smooth and rejuvenate skin with the application of your choice of scented or non scented massage cream. 


Deluxe Exfoliating Massage:     75 minutes: $110,                                     90 minutes: $150

Enjoy the luxurious full body exfoliation and a deluxe facial massage with the application of organic local skin care product from Pomegranate Wood.


Hot Stone Massage:          1 hour: $90,                                         90 minutes: $125

Smooth stones are heated and used as an extension of the therapists’ hands.  Heat penetrates the tissue to relax muscles deeply and provide a unique and calming massage experience.


Pregnancy Massage:        1 hour: $80,                                      90 minutes: $110

Growing a new human being is incredible work – the body and mind both go through so many changes. Using specially designed side-lying positions, pregnancy massage focuses on the unique needs of expecting women.  Regularly receiving massage during pregnancy is a fabulous way to de-stress and release excess muscle tension, while assisting your body to prepare for labor.  It can also help reduce swelling, regulate mood, and improve cardiovascular health.  


Postpartum Massage:       1 hour: $80,                               90 minutes: $110  (from birth  to 1 year)

Nourish, heal and rejuvenate your body after childbirth.  You can enjoy a full body relaxation, or focus on specific areas such as neck and shoulders from carrying and feeding baby, gentle abdominal work and I can teach you how to massage cesarean scars which can be gently worked to encourage healing and reduce adhesions.   Receiving massage postpartum can not only help with the physical discomforts, but also help you relax and take time for yourself, which will be beneficial to both you and baby!


Postpartum mobile Massage: (available first 12 weeks postpartum)

60 minutes in the comfort of your own home $150 by appointment.  

Includes castor oil wrap


Postpartum Bereavement Massage: $80 by appointment

Massage can be a profound tool to support healing your body and soul.  Grieving after miscarriage and pregnancy loss is a tender process.   Included with this massage is your choice of: 

  • castor oil abdominal wrap, 
  • book: Grace Like Scarlett – Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss, or 
  • lavender scented candle 


Treatment Massage: 60 minutes (4 x 15 minutes units @ $35 each)

Massage is a proven tool to help recovery from accidents and injury.  Massage offers pain reduction, faster recovery, reduces swelling, increases range of motion and reduces shock and trauma by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system.  Treatment massage is referred by a doctor.

I accept car insurance, and will provide superbills

*discounts available when paying at time of service.



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