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We believe that every pregnancy is a significant and transformative time in a family’s life and deserves the very best support and preparation.

We believe in supporting the physiological and instinctual process of pregnancy and birth. We are whole beings made up of muscles, ligaments, bones, hormones, thoughts, feelings, experiences, soul and spirit. Pregnancy and childbirth is not just a physical experience; it’s emotional, thoughtful, spiritual, intimate, powerful and transformational.

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“Do it! Hiring a doula will guarantee continuous emotional labor support to help you feel empowered during one of the most powerful experiences of your life.”


It meant a lot to my partner and I to have Mel in our corner the entire time. During labor, we kept getting new nurses and new midwifes, while Mel provided much appreciated continuity of care. The frequent bodywork while in labor helped tremendously. Bodywork is my favorite healthcare modality and I am sure I would have been in a lot more pain and stress without her healing touch. Mel is full of knowledge and experience regarding pregnancy and labor, so it was great to use her as a resource whenever something came up.