2 different styles of Childbirth Classes – Personal and Small Group classes.

  1. Personalized Childbirth Classes! 1.5 – 2 hours $80 each class. (Especially for our socially distant world).

This is childbirth preparation class you have been looking for! This class is for individual couples who want a brief introduction to birth and some hands on practical tips and information to help inform their childbirth journey.

I offer two different stand alone class offerings.

Class 1. Birth Basics. Covers the essential basics of understanding childbirth. (2 hours)

Class 2. Tools and Tips for birth. Great to take after the Birth Basics class or as a refresher before baby number 2, 3 or more! (1.5 – 2 hours)

Each class can either be take at my office or in your own home!

I am very flexible with when I can run the personalized classes – if you don’t see a time that suits don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Perhaps you have friends who are pregnant too and want a private class you can take together. Contact me for details.

2. Group Class. approximately 7.5 hours $150

Designed for Birth Childbirth Preparation Class covers similar information as the individual classes – what to expect during labour and birth, tools for coping, things you can do now to prepare your body and postpartum preparation- as well as understanding and incorporating your Christian faith in your childbirth journey – mind, body and spirit.  

Offered as either a one day workshop or a 3 night course. Check availability by clicking book now.

The below classes are not able to be offered right now.

Stretch and Relax class  provides an opportunity to spend some quality time focussing on your little one while learning techniques you can take home and practice on your own.

I believe that a satisfying birth experience begins with preparation.  My hope is that you will gain the tools and information that you need to be confident & expectant as you look forward to the birth of your baby.

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