Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Fair

What’s it all about?

Born out of the need for new Mums/Moms and Dads to be able to find what resources and support is available in the Wenatchee Valley area and surrounds.

This event is designed to bring together the amazing network of pregnancy, birth and postpartum professionals, businesses and services with the parents who want to know.

We hope this event will grow as we host every year.

Are you a parent or about to be one ?

Do you want to know what a Doula is? Why would you need one? How can a Chiropractor &/or a Physical Therapist &/or a Massage therapist support a healthy pregnancy and better birth outcomes? Do you have to just live with pregnancy aches and pains? What classes are available? Is it really helpful to know about breastfeeding before I have a baby? What help is available after I have a baby?

Are you a pregnancy, birth or postpartum professional?

If your heart is to serve and support pregnant, birthing and postpartum families then you are welcome.

We want to create a network of resources that enhance and support pregnant and new families in the childbearing year. Lets work together and bless our community.

Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Physical Therapists (women’s health and pelvic floor), Chiropractors (websters technique), Massage Therapists (perinatal certified), Pregnancy Yoga Instructors, Postpartum Exercise and Fitness Instructors, Maternity Photographers, Baby wearing teaching, Childbirth Education, Hypnobirthing, ……

If you are interested in finding out more or how you can be involved use the contact form below.

Ready to host?

If you want to host a table then use this button to pay for and sign up to host a table.