Doula Testimonials

Paige – Cashmere, USA 2017 – video


Brettany – East Wenatchee, USA 2019

“We just LOVED our experience with New Life Doula Services and hope to have her for ALL our births :)”


Dustin – East Wenatchee, USA 2019

“As a first time dad having a Doula was like having a coach to show you what to do and when to do it. I never felt out of place or unprepared because the Doula had already taught me techniques and methods to help my wife during the birth. I’ll always recommend someone have a good Doula for their first birthing experience.”

Charlene – Wenatchee, USA 2018

” My husband and I would strongly encourage anyone who is going to have a baby to hire a doula.  It’s worth every penny to have someone who can help get you through, especially if it’s your first and you have no idea on what to expect.

Wouldn’t change anything, thought everything the doula did was all very helpful.  My husband was even impressed with everything she did to help.  One of the nurses that was on duty said she wanted to have another baby, so that she could have a doula. “


Michaela – Leavenworth, USA 2017

“I would highly encourage everyone to have a doula for their labor/birth if they want a positive birth experience!  Having a doula allowed me to be calm and in control of my birth, have a natural unmedicated birth which was my goal.   Melissa exceeded my expectations.”


Mallory – Cashmere, USA  2017

“If you are wanting a great experience with support, comfort, especially if trying to have a natural birth, a doula is imperative!”


Allie – Wenatchee, USA 2017

“I looked into a doula because I heard other women say they were helpful in labor.  I had no idea how much I would rely on you for pain, motivation & physical support even during a relatively straight forward labor.  I can’t imagine trying to do that without you!  I would recommend your support to anyone and would be happy to talk to others about the experience!”


Coventry – Wenatchee, USA (nursing student) 2017

“Hello, Melissa! My name is Coventry, I am the nursing student who met you this Sunday at the hospital. I wanted to let you know that I have never experienced a birth supported by a doula. I LOVED what you did! As I am at the start of my career and do not have children, I do not know much about labor and delivery. You made a huge impact on me and I am excited to learn more about the role of doulas in labor support. Thank you for what you do.”


Quinn – Ephrata, USA (Father) 2016

“I would say stop thinking and do it!” 


Lori – Townsville, Australia 2014

“Melissa supported me and my husband Jeremy during the birth of our first child. Once I was in active
labor, Melissa came to our home and helped us. While Jeremy tried to sleep before we left for the Birth Centre she stayed with me and continued to encourage me and timed the contractions. Once at the Birth Centre Jeremy and I labored largely on our own, but Melissa brought me water periodically and during the final stages of labor suggested and assisted with changes in position to help the baby be delivered more easily. After Monty was born she even arranged for fruit juice to be delivered to me, the one thing I was craving! Throughout the labor and Melissa read out encouraging Scriptures I had chosen beforehand. It was wonderful to know we had that support and someone who could help us contact people and make decisions if the need arose. We have already asked her to support us d
uring the birth of our second child!”






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