About Me

My name is Melissa.  I am a wife to Brad and mother of 4 beautiful boys.  I currently live in Wenatchee, Washington USA, but I was born and lived in Australia most of my life.

I began my journey to become a Doula in 2009 after witnessing a number of friends beginning to talk about birth in a whole new way, with passion and joy and with strength and ownership. I wanted what they had! They had a Doula!   At the same time I was working with YWAM Townsville as they were beginning their work in Papua New Guinea with their medical ship.  I was challenged by the needs of women in developing nations, many of who give their lives unnecessarily during childbirth and who don’t get the maternal care they need.  Becoming a Doula is my personal response to valuing every woman and supporting life.

I believe that pregnancy and birth is designed to be life-giving and a unique and significant moment in  life.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to support women in Tanzania, Africa during a practicum for birth IMG_0677workers with LifeReach International.  Working at a busy hospital in the capital city I witnessed the strength of many women in the face of less than ideal circumstances.  This experience solidified for me that Doula’s are needed.   Of course women can, and do, birth everyday without caring or understanding support.   However a doula can and does reduce fear, stress and anxiety (amongst other things) for the mother and that has to be good!

I am certified Labour Doula with Childbirth International (CLD CBI) and I have supported women in Townsville, Australia, in Tanzania, Africa and Washington State, USA.

My heart is to support you on your journey through pregnancy and birth.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”  Barbara Katz Rothman

I believe women are uniquely created to bring forth life and that the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood is designed to bring great growth and discovery in our lives.

As a Doula my heart is to walk with you on your journey.  Encouraging, supporting, caring.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congratulations Melissa on your beautiful website. I know your heart which is to help families bring their babies into the world joyfully and safely. The families of Townsville are so blessed to have your services available. Wishing you well on this journey. with love from Karen, Fit for Birth (formerly Townsville, now Noosa)x0x0

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