Encapsulation Services

You may not realize it but, along with your little one, you have also created your very ownnutritional supplement. Your body is incredible, your baby grew and developed inside your womb with the help of the amazing tailor made organ – the Placenta. It is the placenta that supported and sustained the life of your little one in the womb and it need not stop there!
Mothers are now discovering that the humble placenta continues to have great benefits even after the birth.

Taking your very own placenta capsules may

  • increase energy,
  • improve mood,
  • increase milk supply,
  • balance hormones and nutrients.
  • It may also decrease instances of Post Partum Depression.

How does it work?

Taking approximately 24 hours the placenta is steamed, dehydrated, ground into powder and placed into capsules.

Being APPA Certified, (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts), I hold to the highest standards in safety, sanitation and education.  Because I believe you deserve the best.